The USMC CIF gear list has become increasingly hard to find online. There are a lot of phony websites out there with bad, or outdated information. The previous official site doesn’t work half the time and it can be difficult to navigate.

I’m going to demystify finding CIF gear list/IIF gear list information and receipts.

What does CIF Stand for? What about IIF?

The Consolidate Issue Facility (CIF) is the old name for the place that you go to for Marine Corps issued gear.

The name CIF has been replaced by the Individual Issue Facility, or IFF.

The terms will be used interchangeably in order to make this article more easily searched for online.

UMSC CIF Gear List Website/IIF Website

The site that always pops up at the top of the search results is which IS NOT AN OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT WEBSITE. The site can be misleading because there is an option to create an account and sign-in.

The official USMC CIF gear list website is Notice the https and it has CIF in the url, not IIF. The website is only accessible through Internet Explorer and will require you to login with a CAC. You can purchase a CAC reader for personal use if you’d like access from home which is also helpful when checking emails.

BUT WAIT! Read on and you’ll see there’s an even newer website.


Finding Your Marine Corps CIF Gear Issue/IFF Gear Issue

USMC CIF Gear ListIf you managed to get to the website, you will see a link at the top “Individual Equipment Issue”.

Put in a first name, last name, and EDIPI.

A lucky few will find that this still works. Using the website is preferred if possible since the gear receipt includes images.

Find Your CIF Gear Receipt/IIF Gear Receipt at the New Website

For most, the old site doesn’t work anymore. Luckily, the Marine Corps has left us a clue on where to try next. You can see this message on the cif gear receipt website


Similarly to the old website, you will need to use Internet Explorer and have access to a CAC reader.

new-iif-websiteYou will be listed as a member by default. If you want to look up gear receipts for Marines in your platoon use the search feature.

Here is what the gear receipt will look like. It includes the name of the item, NIIN, and price.

cif-iif-gear-receipt-exampleIf you have any trouble or need help, leave a comment.