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At many points in your career you will be required to hold different forms of officer of the day (OOD) as part of your unit’s interior guard. While acting as the senior Marine on deck, you will be held responsible for ensuring the preservation of order, protecting property, and enforcing regulations set by the base and unit commanders.


The importance of this lesson is to familiarize you with the roles and responsibilities that are expected of the OOD. You will be expected to understand your responsibilities as the OOD and to stand duty once you reach the operating forces.  This lesson will give you the basic knowledge regarding duties of the OOD, and you will receive practical experience while at The Basic School (TBS) either as a company duty officer or as the TBS junior OOD.

In This Lesson                     

In this lesson you will become familiar with the types of guard missions Marines hold, the purpose of the interior guard, and the composition, duties, and responsibilities of the interior guard. You will become familiar with specific tasks such as inspections, posting and relieving the OOD, and the general orders and common special orders you may find while on duty.  Lastly, this lesson covers basic tools of the OOD and the use of deadly force while on duty as the OOD.

This lesson covers the following topics:

Topic Page
Types/Purpose of the Guard 4
Composition and Duties of the Interior Guard 5
General Orders 8
Special Orders 9
Posting and Relief of the OOD 9
Inspection Procedures 10
OOD Logbook 12
Force Continuum 13
Deadly Force 13
Summary 15
References 15
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms 16
Notes 16