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In Military Topographic Map I, you were introduced to the map, protractor, and lensatic compass—the tools required to be successful in land navigation. In addition, you were taught that the ability to interpret the map and “read the terrain” were additional tools you would need to be absolutely certain of your position at all times. This lesson will aid your ability to interpret the map and “read the terrain”. These abilities, combined with the tools of land navigation, will set you on the path to being a successful land navigator.


Land navigation is a skill-set which takes time and practice in order to become proficient and confident. Basic mastery of map interpretation and terrain analysis (“reading the terrain”) is essential.

In This Lesson

This lesson is devoted to two of the most basic tools: map interpretation and terrain analysis. The intent of this lesson is to ensure you are prepared for practical application.

This lesson covers the following topics:

Topic Page
Water Features 4
Vegetation Features 7
Manmade Features 8
Using Features as Aids to Navigation 10
Requirement 1 Review Questions 12
Requirement 2 Review Questions 13
Requirement 1 Answers 13
Requirement 2 Answers 13
Terrain Analysis 13
Requirement 3 Review Questions 19
Requirement 4 Review Questions 21
Requirement 3 Answers 23
Requirement 4 Answers 24
Summary 25
References 25
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms 25
Notes 25