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The intent of this lesson is to familiarize you with the military topographic map in order to prepare you for follow on classroom and field instruction in land navigation.  Maps provide information on the existence and location of man made features such as buildings, bridges, and routes of travel.  They also indicate variations in terrain, the elevation of terrain features, and the extent of vegetation.


Marine officers must consistently strive for overall situational awareness, including, but not limited to, their and the enemy’s current position. This lesson will lay the foundation for ensuring you are skilled in the art of land navigation.

In This Lesson

This lesson discusses how to evaluate and interpret map information, how maps are created and accounted for, and how to neatly and accurately plot grid coordinates on a map.

This lesson covers the following topics:

Topic Page
Material Requirements 4
Marginal Information 5
Topographic Symbols 7
Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) 7
Graphic Scale and Distance on a Map 9
Requirement 1 Review Questions 12
Requirement 2 Review Questions 14
Requirement 3 Review Questions 15
Requirement 1 Review Answers 16
Requirement 2 Review Answers 17
Requirement 3 Review Answers 18
Summary 19
References 19
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms 19
Notes 19