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The intent of this lesson is to provide an explanation and example of a Platoon Commander’s Notebook.


The Platoon Commander’s Notebook assists the Platoon Commander in the leadership, counseling and development of his/her Marines. The Platoon Commander’s Notebook  is a field ready tool used by Commanders to maintain and develop their Marines:

  • Physical, mental and moral welfare
  • Discipline and military training

In this Lesson

We will provide sample documentation that can be used to assist the chain of command with a:

  • History of performance
  • Writing awards
  • Assigning Pro/Con Marks & Writing FitReps
  • Disciplinary action

Most importantly we will provide you with some tools to aide you in “Knowing your Marines.”

This lesson discusses the follow topics:

Topic Page
Instructions 3
Biographical Information 5
Sample mission and Goals Form 7
Sample HCC Assessment Form 9
Sample Common Combat Skills Checklist 10
Combat Readiness Percentage (CRP%) 12
Sample Counseling Worksheet 13
Sample Privacy Notice 14
Sample Financial Management Plan 15
POV Inspection Checklist 16