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In the Marine Corps, the primary purpose of communications is to serve the command.  In this role, communications is the instrument by which commanders make their will known and, as such, is the voice of command.


The ability of commanders to pass information among their forces is critical to the outcome of an engagement on today’s battlefield.

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This lesson covers the following topics:

Topic Page
Tactical Communications 4
Radio Communications 8
Radio Communications Equipment 11
Communications Security 14
Electronic Warfare 16
Telephone Equipment 19
Summary 19
Annex A:  Types of Equipment 20
Annex B:  AN/PRC 119 (RT-1523) Operations 33
Annex C:  AN/PRC-119E/F (RT-1523E/F) Operations 36
Annex D:  AN/PSN-13 (DAGR ) Operations 40
Annex E:  AN/PRC-148 Operations 41
Annex F: AN/PRC-117F (RT-1796) Operations 43
Annex G: AN/PRC-150 (RT-1694) Operations 47
Annex H: AN/PRC-152 (RT-1619) Operations 50
Annex I:   AN/PRC-153 Operations 54
Annex J: Julian Date Calendar 55
References 56
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms 57
Notes 58