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This purpose of this class is to provide basic instruction on the fundamentals of Operational Risk Management (ORM) and to highlight the procedures and responsibilities that all Marines must take in both an operational and nonoperational environment in order to identify hazards and eliminate or reduce the risks associated with them.

Importance Operational

Risk Management is every Marine’s duty and responsibility, regardless of rank. By properly applying the
fundamentals of ORM, Marines have the ability to correctly identify hazards and eliminate unnecessary risk or reduce necessary risk to an acceptable level.

In This Lesson

This lesson covers the following topics:

Topic Page
Risk Management Fundamentals 4
Operational Risk Management (ORM) Principles 5
ORM 5 Step Process/ BAMCIS/METT-T 6
ORM Levels 13
Summary/CMC Guidance 13
References 14
Glossary of Terms and Acronyms 14
Notes 15