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Introduction and Importance

This lesson will cover the integration and synergy between training and physical fitness that can be achieved by the use of drills and exercises that enhance Combat Conditioning. It will provide you the leader of Marines, with the tools for executing a Combat Conditioning Program at the unit level.

In This Lesson

This lesson will give you a framework of how to develop and maintain a sound combat conditioning program. The overall fitness of your Marines is a key to success in today’s demanding environments. Functional fitness developed through a good combat conditioning program will greatly enhance combat effectiveness and help to provide the framework to ward off combat stress.

Topic Page
Introduction to Combat Conditioning 3
Components of Physical Fitness 3
FITT Factors 4
Combat Conditioning Considerations 5
Types of Drills 5
Specific calisthenics and Movement 6
Construct and Supervise your Combat Conditioning Program 6
Managing your Program 6
Your Responsibilities 6
Summary 8