Every Marine knows that the basis of our fitness begins with the PFT. The hour long evolution is dreaded by those Marines who consider themselves PT GODS and feared by the Marines who have been eating too many brownies from the commissary. No matter what your opinion is of this test you will find yourself doing it multiple times throughout the year and running it for score at least once. Whether you are gearing up to run it for the first time or 50th the information below will give you the information necessary to properly conduct or carry out the PFT.

As of 11/27/2013, the Marine Corps has decided that females join their male counterparts in executing the pull-up portion of the PFT instead of the flexed-arm hang. This was enacted in an effort to standardize the way the Marine Corps evaluates all of its service members. The score chart below includes the preliminary score chart for female pull-ups. Come 2014 females will no longer have the option to do the flexed-arm hang.