The following information was obtained from the 2012 Officer Candidates School Student Outline. Learning the material provided can significantly reduce the amount of studying you will have to do during Marine OCS. Of course, when the night before your test comes around don’t just rely on the information you think you learned months beforehand. Read these to get a general idea of what is taught, but you will need to know the details for the tests.

GMK 0170 Environmental Hazards
GMK 1010 Customs and Courtesies *
GMK 1016 Uniforms 2
GMK 1021 Marine Corps Mission and Organization II
GMK 1036 Law of War
GMK 1044 Marine Corps History 4
GMK 1045 Marine Corps History 5
GMK 1046 Marine Corps History 6
GMK 1050 Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)

GMS 1025 Interior Guard *
GMS 1060 Close Order Drill *

LDR 0151 Leave and Earning Statement (LES)
LDR 2095LP Patterns of Conflict
LDR 2096LP Introduction to Warfighting

TACT 3008 Land Navigation 4 *
TACT 3019 Introduction to Fire and Movement
TACT 3021 The Operation Order – Part 2 (BAMCIS)
TACT 3023 Offensive Combat 2
TACT 3026 Field Skills 2

VALU 2000 Moral Leadership
VALU 2020 Core Values II
VALU 2040 Core Values IV

WPN 1001 Introduction to the Service Rifle/Carbine
WPN 1002 Safe Weapons Handling
WPN 1003 Introduction to Weapons Maintenance

Note: Titles with an asterisk were taught during the PLC-Junior program, and are provided for review only. You will not be re-tested, but are responsible for the information.