Source: 2012 Candidate Regulations

An important aspect of Marine OCS is gaining the confidence and respect of your peers. Peer billet evaluations tell the staff what candidates think of each other. Although their weight does not directly impact how the staff evaluates candidates, it will play a role in how instructors perceive performance. The point is that you should learn to work well with others in your company.

Whenever a candidate billet holder is relieved from his/her billet, he/she will receive a detailed evaluation using the evaluation report from their staff company counterpart. Officer candidate evaluation of candidate billet holders will be completed as indicated below. Candidate evaluation reports completed on candidate billet holders will not be shown to the individual concerned. Candidate billet holders will submit the reports on the billet holders they evaluate to their start evaluator upon.

Candidate Billet HolderCandidate EvaluatorStaff Evaluator
Company CommanderN/ACo Cdr / Co XO
Executive OfficerCompany CommanderCompany XO
First SergeantCompany CommanderCompany First Sergeant
Gunnery SergeantCompany XO and 1stSgtCompany Gunnery Sergeant
Platoon CommanderCompany CommanderPlatoon Commander
Platoon SergeantPlt Cdr / 1stSgtPlatoon Sergeant
Platoon GuideCo GySgt / Plt SgtPlatoon Sergeant
Squad LeaderPlt Cdr / Plt SgtSergeant Instructor
Fire Team LeaderSquad LeaderSergeant Instructor