Owning Oakley’s is one of hallmarks of being in the military and getting discount Oakley’s makes wearing them even more satisfying.

Military personnel receive many benefits like health insurance, a thrift savings plan, and basic allowance for housing. Service members are often unaware that many organizations out in the private sector offer additional benefits to those who serve. One of those companies I often buy products from is Oakley through their Oakley SI (US Standard Issue) program.

Oakley sunglasses are incredibly expensive, or at least comparatively when looking at the rack of eyewear next to the counter at the Base Exchange.

There is a sense of pleasure that comes with picking up a $15 pair of sunglasses and not really caring when you accidentally leave them at a restaurant, or sit on them while their in the cargo pocket of some cammies. But in my experience the quality and longevity of Oakley sunglasses is well worth the cost, and through Oakley SI we can get cheap Oakley’s for military personnel.

Quality Eyewear Is Worth the Cost

The first pair of Oakley’s I got was a gift from my fiancé when I graduated college. She paid over $200 bucks for those stylish, polarized, and matte sunglasses that screamed “the person wearing these is a Marine.” They endured the hardship of The Basic School getting slammed around in my pack. My eyes thanked me as the sun pounded down on Twentynine Palms in the summer. Then three years later they became victim to the jaws of a 6 month old puppy who loves the taste of expensive things.

I’m not one to buy expensive things, so I did what many of us would have done and grabbed a $15 pair of the Exchange. Two weeks later they broke in half. I grabbed another pair, this time for $25 thinking they had to be that much better than the $15 pair. A week later the lenses popped out.

I was stunned at how poor the craftsmanship was on sunglasses I was paying good money for. I was another $40 bucks in the hole.

Looking at Amazon, I still just couldn’t bring myself to pay over $100 for sunglasses. The Exchange wasn’t much better on prices.

After some research I learned about the Oakley SI (or Standard Issue) program that gives great discounts to military, government, and law enforcement personnel. I purchased a great pair of shades for $70.

“Oakley Standard Issue is an exclusive membership program established solely for active, reserve, or veteran U.S. Armed Force members, law enforcement, first responders, EMT and other government customers. Membership into Oakley Standard Issue is free and entitles its members access to exclusive Oakley products and direct pricing. We have developed a strong program over the past 20 years and strive to ensure that the integrity of the program is maintained.”

Register to Get Discount Oakley’s SI (US Standard Issue)

The registration process if fairly simple, but here is a overview of what you need to do.

Oakley SI registration pageGo to https://www.oakleysi.com/
Click the link to register
As you will see, the Oakley SI program is available to:
US Military and Federal Personnel
(Verified by .mil or .gov email address)
•Active Duty Military Personnel
•National Guard Personnel
•Military Reservists
•Federal Law Enforcement Officers
•Federal Fire and Emergency Response
•US Coast Guard

US State and Local Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Response
Verified by ID Card
•Law Enforcement Official
•Fire Department Personnel Official
•Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Personnel Official

US Military Veterans and Retirees

(Verified by .mil or .gov email address, ID card, or DD Form 256 or DD Form 214)
•Retired members of the US Armed Forces

The verification process for military personnel is incredibly fast and simple as long as you have a .mil email address. For those in the ROTC program, or the Naval Academy, you can still signup, but will have to send them a copy of a military ID (green reservist id that dependents have).

Oakley SI offers a convenient means to access the account without a .mil or .gov email address once the account is verified through email. I’ve had to reset my password a few times, and was able to do so on my phone because the reset link goes to a personal email address.Oakley SI usstandardissue

After registering click the verification link in your .mil email account. I use this CAC reader at home and didn’t have to check my email at the office. If you don’t have a CAC reader, you’ll have to wait until you can get on a government computer.

If you do have a CAC reader, go ahead and navigate to hppts://webmail.us.usmc.mil and it will prompt you for your CAC certificate a pin. Internet Explorer must be used to access OWA. It can be done on an Apple computer, but Internet Explorer needs to be used in a virtual environment.

Once verified discounted prices will be available to view.

Price Comparison for Discount Oakley’s

There are great prices on Oakley’s that can be found outside of the SI program, but with access to SI there are several design elements that become available and are harder to found online.

Discount Oakley's SI

Price current as of date of the screenshot. No guarantee you will be able to get the same deal.

Compare those $65 USStandIssue GASCAN sunglasses with the motivating U.S. flag to a similar pair found online. I’m not saying prices will always be better, but I’m confident a cheaper pair can be found compared to the Base Exchange.