The following is a list of various Marine Corps Publications.

Marine Corps Doctrinal Publications (MCDP)

MCDP-1 Warfighting

MCDP 1-0 Marine Corps Operations

MCDP 1-1 Stratgey

MCDP 1-2 Campaigning

MCDP 1-3 Tactics

MCDP 2 Intelligence

MCDP 3 Expedetionary Operations

MCDP 4 Logistics

MCDP 5 Planning

MCDP 6 Command and Control

Marine Corps Reference Publications (MCRP)

MCRP 3-0B How to Conduct Training

MCRP 3-11.1a Commanders Tactical Handbook

Marine Corps Warfighting Publication (MCWP)

MCWP 6-11 Leading Marines