BAH Basic Allowance for Housing
BAS Basic Allowance or Subsistence
BEQ Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
Bn Battalion
BOQ Bachelor Officer Quarters
CAC Consolidated Administration Center (Personnel)
CG Commanding General
CID Criminal Investigation Division
CMC Commandant of the Marine Corps
CO Commanding Officer
Co Company
COM (O) Commissioned Officers’ Mess (Open)
DOR Date of Rank
DOD Department of Defense
EAS Expiration of Active Service
EWS Expeditionary Warfare School
FMF Fleet Marine Force
Gung Ho Aggressive Spirit
H&S Co Headquarters and Service Company
Hawk Hawkins Room Officer’s Club at TBS
HQMC Headquarters Marine Corps
JOOD Junior Officer of the Day
LES Leave and Earnings Statement
M-16 Service Rifle
MCAF Marine Corps Air Facility
MCCDC Marine Corps Combat Development Command
MCI Marine Corps Institute
Mil Pers Military Personal
MOS Military Occupational Specialty
Motor T Motor Transportation
NBC Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical
NCO Noncommissioned Officer
NCOIC Noncommissioned Officer in Charge
NROTC Naval Reserve Officer Training Course
O Club Officers’ Club
OOD Officer of the Day
OIC Officer in Charge
OSO Officer Selection Officer
PCS Permanent Change of Station
PEBD Pay Entry Base Date
PFT Physical Fitness Test
PMO Provost Marshal Office
PT Physical Training
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Course
RSVP respondez sie vous plait (translation-you must reply)
S-1 Adjutant
S-3 Operations Officer
S-4 Logistics Officer
SPC Staff Platoon Commander
SSN Social Security Number
TAD Temporary Additional Duty
TBS The Basic School
TMO Traffic Management Office
USNH United States Naval Hospital
UD Uniform of the Day
XO Executive Officer