Benchmarks And Workouts For TBS. A Good Reference For OCS Candidates As Well.

The Basic School and Marine OCS require officers and candidates to be physically prepared for the training ahead. These are the recommended benchmarks and suggested workouts for Marine Officers preparing for TBS. This information was obtained from eMarines, and will give you a general idea of what to expect. There isn't much difference when it comes to OCS prep. If you can do these workouts and meet the benchmarks then you won't have any trouble. Benchmarks 1. Hike 3-5 miles [...]

A Note On MOS Selection And UAV Officers

At TBS there is going to be an "MOS Mixer", which is basically where a bunch of Captains talk about their Marine Occupational Specialties then you go to the bar and talk to them over beers. It is a great experience that will give real insight into what being an officer in a certain MOS means. UAV Officers The UAV Officer MOS is a brand new officer MOS and no one knows anything about it. Here's is some basic gouge [...]

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Field Exercise I (FEX I) at The Basic School

When it comes to Field Exercise I you should be prepared to be extremely physically miserable. There is obscene amounts of weight to be carried — over 100lbs. You will be humping all over the place, dealing with the weather, and sleeping on the cold, wet ground. Bottom line here is that you, and everyone around you, will be completely and totally miserable. The experience you have will depend on what time of year you go through TBS. The winter/early [...]

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