Three-Tier MOS Selection Process Is Out

Most of you have probably heard about the Marine Corps' three-tier MOS selection process for placing Ground contract officers in their MOS. It's a historic system that hasn't changed for decades. Luckily, The Basic School is changing many procedures to better the development and MOS placement of Marine Officers. UPDATE (23 OCT 2014): I recently heard from a friend at TBS there are still decisions being made with regards to how the MOS Selection Process is carried out. There is [...]

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A Note On MOS Selection And UAV Officers

At TBS there is going to be an "MOS Mixer", which is basically where a bunch of Captains talk about their Marine Occupational Specialties then you go to the bar and talk to them over beers. It is a great experience that will give real insight into what being an officer in a certain MOS means. UAV Officers The UAV Officer MOS is a brand new officer MOS and no one knows anything about it. Here's is some basic gouge [...]

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The Start Of Communications School

Before getting too much into communications school, let's start with what the 0602 MOS is all about. At TBS you learn NOTHING about what Communications Officers actually do. Comm actually has a bad reputation because the one or two classes you get about it are so damn boring, and comm rarely works right when clueless lieutenants are trying to use it. All in all, if you went through TBS with no outside knowledge of what the job is all about, [...]

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