Index Funds As A Preferable Alternative To Mutual Funds

I have already expressed my opinion about mutual funds, but I have yet to provide a viable alternative. The reality is that most of us aren't going to have enough time to actively manage our own stock portfolio. You should still try to find good long term stocks to own, but you aren't going to be able to keep a very close watch if you are deployed and have 10+ stocks to worry about. Index funds are an incredible alternative [...]

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Mutual Funds Are Like Humvees. Less Exposure But More Gas To Keep It Going.

The marketplace is run by some very intelligent people. Those individuals are quite cunning when it comes to creating investments for those they serve. Mutual funds were concocted in 1924 as a way for investors to alleviate the burden of picking stocks themselves. The idea was to give the average person a chance to simply choose from a variety of funds and let their money sit. Mutual funds come in all sorts of flavors for you to choose from: large-cap, [...]

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The Roth IRA Investment Vehicle For Marine Corps Officers

Marine Corps Officers MUST be knowledgeable when it comes to investing. Not simply for their own benefit, but more importantly for the Marines whom they teach financial management. The Roth IRA should be one of the first things you teach your Marines. The Roth IRA is an retirement account that offers a future tax-free retirement income. The idea behind the Roth IRA is that you pay taxes now in order to free yourself of such a burden later on. The [...]

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3 Solid Ways For Marine Corps Officers To Invest Their New Paychecks

It is not an easy task managing money. After all, the education system in many ways neglects to teach children early on how to be smart with money. Unless you graduated college with a business, economics, or accounting degree, money may still be something you are uncertain about. My goal is to provide some quick options for you to consider. Investing is the greatest tool at your disposal that can help build wealth and financial stability. Responsible money management early [...]

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